Color Systems, More then just paint.

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The Vision

At Color Systems, we believe success happens when a customer’s trust is earned, and to that extent we feel the best way to earn trust is with dedication and relentless effort to help insure our customers’ success. The integrity of our company as a whole, and every employee individually is on the line, which is why 100% of our focus is on YOU, our wholesale customer. We do not advocate, encourage or permit retail sales or sales to any non licensed business. Cash is not king… you are. Trust and Dedication... more than just paint.

APEX Automotive Paint Exchange

Color Systems has been a part of a Twenty-Group since 1986. The idea of a Twenty Group is to bring together similar, non-competing PBE Wholesalers from a broad cross-section of the country to exchange best practices, experiences, ideas and strategies. We merged our group with an existing group in 1994 and together we've become APEX. Click link to learn more...