Going Green

Color Systems is your local expert on Envirobase® and Aquabase® waterborne paint systems.  Our customer base possesses the largest percentage of waterborne collision centers for a non regulated market, so we can answer any questions you may have.

Waterborne Facts

Because volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paint have been recognized as bad for the environment, there is change taking place that will eventually affect practically everyone who paints. A number of states around the country have enacted regulations that are gradually forcing shops to reduce VOC emissions. These regulations, in a nutshell, mean that body shops will need to use waterborne paints in order to comply.

Whether the focus is on products and causes that are good for the environment or you want to keep pace with the OEM’s movement to water base paint on newer vehicles, much of what you see and hear tends to be marketing hype rather than true substance. Waterborne systems in the refinishing industry are not just some new fad. PPG has been developing breakthrough technologies in waterborne paints for over 20 years.

PPG is the undisputed market leader in waterborne technology with their Aquabase® Plus and Envirobase® HP products. With their reduced emission levels, waterborne basecoat paints are truly making a positive difference for the environment.  Even though in New England using waterborne paint is not mandatory, Color Systems is proud to say that 98% of our collision base customers are utilizing waterborne products.

We have been successful in implementing waterborne paint systems across a broad range of collision centers and body shops.  Each customer has depended on Color Systems to be their trusted partner for successful waterborne solutions.